Marketing Automation

This is the term used for software that automates complex and repetitive sales and marketing tasks. MA defines, schedules, segments and tracks marketing campaigns.

MA enables companies to attract and nurture prospects with highly personalised, useful and relevant content, helping to convert prospects in to customers and customers in to advocates. It facilitates Inbound Marketing and can be split into 4 key areas.

marketing-automation Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing closely follows the journey of today’s buyer. Potential buyers are now using the Internet to research and select suppliers via channels such as blogs, search engines, video and social media. At the centre of the process is the customer, being fed useful, engaging and relevant content.

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The Attract Phase

To attract the right type of customer to your business, you need to first fully understand your customers, what challenges they face, where they look for information and the type of information they consume. When you know this, you can create content that helps them to solve their problems, overcome their challenges and ultimately gets them to share their details or reach out to you, it is then they CONVERT to leads.

The Convert Phase

This is where the prospect shares their details enabling you to start a conversation with them, via web forms, web chat or by email. You have their details, so you can continue the conversation, offering useful resource and nurture them towards the close stage. The prospect can be guided through their buying journey with personalised content, based on their specific needs. Using lead scoring your sales team can be alerted when the prospect has reached a predetermined stage, sufficiently “warmed up” and much more open than they would be to a cold call.

The Close Stage

This is where leads enter your sales funnel for your sales people to convert them in to paying customers. If you are generating enough leads your sales people can focus on those prospects that are most engaged and more likely to buy. Automation can be used here too, to shorten the sales cycle and enhance the customer experience.

The Delight Stage

A happy customer is more likely to refer you! Automation can ensure all your customers are aware of all of your services, using personalised content they are only shown products and services that are relevant to them and not shown anything they may already have purchased. There are many more ways to delight your customers using automation such as customer service, reminders, upgrades, loyalty programmes and referral strategies.


We are with you every step of the way.


    Before commencing we undertake a thorough scoping exercise.

  • Creation

    We craft your chosen campaigns on the agreed platforms.

  • Delivery

    We either send or turn on your campaigns to reach your target audience.

  • Results

    You will have access to open, click through, engagement, conversion and actionable data.

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