Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful and cost effective way to market your business and keep your brand in front of your customers and potential clients.

Professional email marketing solutions allow you to send professional quality emails, to preview what your email will look like in different email software solutions, automate unsubscribes, personalise the message, check your spam score to maximise deliverability and much more.

In addition to ensuring the emails are delivered professionally, you can also access advanced reports, which allow you to see who opened your email, how many times, which links they clicked on, if they forwarded your email to anyone and other useful data to help optimise the results your email campaigns deliver.

Email-Marketing Digital Marketing
Email-Marketing Digital Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Marketing usage is expanding exponentially, making it a perfect, low cost marketing tool for businesses to engage with their potential customers.

This form of online marketing uses platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to name just a few, to communicate your message to your customers and prospective clients.

Unlike other forms of online advertising, social media marketing uses conversation and engagement to talk to your customers in their online environment and in their language. Due to the viral nature of social media and the ability to easily share content across friends and contact networks in an instant, the potential exposure is incredible.

The key to any effective social media marketing is consistently sharing information and messages that are of interest to your customers so that your organisation is their ‘go to’ place for the services you offer.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising, essentially means that you are paying for an advert to appear in search engines, and a cost to you is incurred only when a visitor actually clicks on your advert and is taken to your website.

In search engines, typically, these paid adverts appear just above normal search results and down the right hand side of the page.

Your position on the page is dictated to a large extent by how much you are prepared to pay for each click. Another important element is quality score which, in broad terms, is determined by the relevance of your advert and landing page (the page you send the visitor to). Google, in particular, also scores on how many clicks the search term is likely to, or does, attract (click through rate). In theory this all sounds very simple, in practice however, setting up and running a successful PPC campaign, that actually delivers a return on investment, can be extremely complex.

Email-Marketing Digital Marketing
Email-Marketing Digital Marketing


SEO Means ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which is the process of optimising a website to rank high within search engine results.

An ever-increasing number of people now search for products and services using ‘search engines’. If your site is not optimised effectively, then the chances of your business being found are slim and there is a good chance you are losing the business to your competitors who may have spent time and money in putting SEO principals into operation.

As with any marketing activity, performance measurement is critical. Fortunately there are a number of different ways we can measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign.

Key factors to monitor include, ranking improvement within search engines and website traffic increase. However, the most important factor is the number of new leads generated as a result of the improved rankings and traffic.


We are with you every step of the way.


    Before commencing we undertake a thorough scoping exercise.

  • Creation

    We craft your chosen campaigns on the agreed platforms.

  • Delivery

    We either send or turn on your campaigns to reach your target audience.

  • Results

    You will have access to open, click through, engagement, conversion and actionable data.

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