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Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only measure traffic that has been on your site, but gain visibility of which companies they are?

Why not try our Advanced Analytics Tool for FREE, with absolutely no obligation after the 3 Months is up, we will give you full login access to view reports during this period.

Below we’ve summarised just some of the features you will have access to.

See which companies are visiting your web site

Even some great web sites only convert at around 5%, this means that you may never know who those 95% were that simply visited and moved on. If you knew who they were then these are potentially warm leads for your sales team to follow up, as by the very fact they were on your web site suggests they are interested in products/services you offer.

Real time reports

All the reports in our system are real time, which means you know you are viewing live data all the time.

Track visitors and actions

Allows you to see each visitor and the specific actions they have taken during each visit to your web site.

You can even assign customised data to visitors, such as unique name and email addresses as well as see their full history.

Traffic sources – measuring marketing activities

See which channels are driving traffic to your web site:

Direct Visitors – This doesn’t necessarily mean they typed your domain name into the browser, they may have clicked a link in an email (non email marketing email), a document or in IM (Instant Messaging) software etc..

Email Marketing – Visitors who arrived via an email marketing campaign (from an email marketing platform).

Social Media – Visitors from social media platforms.

Syndication – Visitors from known ‘RSS reader’ sites.

Search Engines & Media – Visitors who have conducted a search using sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, including image searches.

Links – This includes any referrer that doesn’t match one of the above categories.

This data is critical in measuring the success of marketing campaigns, allowing you to refine marketing strategies.

Content reports

These reports show which pages are viewed on your web site, as well as additional reports such as downloads, entrance and exit pages.

You are able to click an item within a content report to see which visitors viewed them.

This helps to assess which areas of your site are working (or which marketing campaigns are working), and where you are losing visitors.


Provide a visual representation of where on the page(s) visitors are clicking, this can be useful to monitor key items such as ‘call to action’ links.

Video Analytics

We have an API for tracking interactions with HTML5 and Flash video players, as well as HTML5 audio players. Most video services, such as Youtube, include a Javascript API which their video player can talk to when users play, pause, seek, or finish a video.

However, this Javascript API is usually optional and hence disabled by default. In order to track videos, you must embed them with the Javascript API enabled.


Most companies today have some form of web presence, and many are investing time, resources and capital into marketing campaigns, without really knowing what is working for them and delivering ROI.

With this knowledge companies are able to more effectively gauge the success of campaigns, and therefore invest in the activities that are actually working.

Why not take advantage of our Web Analytics Tool FREE for 3 Months, with absolutely no obligation (and no payment details required), to see how others are actively using this to improve sales conversion and marketing activities!

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