The WSaaS Difference

Before we explore this, the first question is, what does WSaaS mean?  The chances are that you already know, having seen our branding.

Company names don’t always have a meaning, but with WSaaS you get what it promises, Web Sites as a Service.

Web sites are always evolving and as a result, the old model of delivering solutions with large upfront capital expenditure, and ultimately a product you hold on to until you have the budget to go through the process again, is no longer the right solution for modern businesses.

The WSaaS model not only reduces upfront capital outlay for clients, but provides a quality on-going service, giving them the peace of mind that their website is current, constantly supported and with access to whole host of other features & benefits, all at a fixed monthly cost.

WSaaS evolved from two sister companies; kithappens, a traditional cutting edge full service design & web agency, and ECaaS, experts in the Enterprise Communications as a Service industry. Combining the success of kithappens in web and digital marketing and the ‘as a service’ model from ECaaS, formed the perfect foundation for our ‘Web Sites as a Service’ concept

Having been actively involved in the shift within the IT market to SaaS (Software as a Service) and the Communications industry with ECaaS (Enterprise Communications as a Service), we understand that organisations no longer want to own things that are always changing, depreciating and becoming obsolete. This understanding of the market has enabled us to be ahead of the curve, delivering WSaaS (Web Sites as a Service).

Web Sites will never be the same again….

So what else?

Customer Experience
We believe delivering quality goes far beyond the end product or service, it is the whole customer experience and interaction with our business, that we strive to make as positive as possible.

Clear, regular, friendly and professional communication with clients is critical to delivering a quality customer experience.

Honesty & Trust
The foundations for any lasting relationship, business or otherwise.

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